J. Kathleen Cheney (j_cheney) wrote,
J. Kathleen Cheney

New stuff I found in my pockets....

There's a new issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies featuring a story by my WOTFmate, Erin Cashier! Go look!

Speaking of WOTF, they have claimed in a newsletter that the books will be available in stores (including Walmart) in mid-March.

My illustrator from WOTF, the talented James Galindo, hs given me permission to post his illustration along with my story "Taking a mile" on my web-page. I had to learn a new bit of HTML to get it set up properly, but you can click on the word Illustration, and it will take directly there.

There's also a link to James' web-page there as well. He's got some really beautiful art on those pages (yes, there are a few nudes--this is art, folks, so they're very tasteful.) I think my very favorites are "Sarah's Room" and "War of the Roses" (which was one of his entries for WOTF, BTW).
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