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I'm getting back now into book cover design, and I'm going to be tracking that on this page.  This spring I'm working on individual covers (as opposed to the 'series set' I did last fall.)

Today I started with one photo, and tried it out two different ways (because I often change my mind mid-stream.

These come from about 30 minutes of work on Canva, which I usually use for rough drafts. I'm hoping that in a week I'll be aboe to transform them into real covers and put them up in my store.

(Canva is super good for first draft stuff because changing things out is simple. However, it has a limited number of fonts and photomanipulation is pretty limited as well. )

I started off with 3 photos from Deposit Photos:

And basically recombined them to create two 'fantasy' covers (although I originally intended to make one SFish). I may go ahead with both, or pick just one to work with, and I hope to have a couple of creditable designs to upload to my store next week.

(Since the vet bills are piling up, I need to be able to turn this into profit some day.  ::sighs::)
Tags: covers, graphic design
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