J. Kathleen Cheney (j_cheney) wrote,
J. Kathleen Cheney

This morning's graphics...

Yesterday Canva was down for much of the day, so I had to work concepts in Paint.net.  Not as easy to use for some things.  I came up with this idea:
I basically wanted to fade one pic into the other, and I tried several variants on that using gradient tools in PS until I decided the eraser tool was the easiest way to accomplish what I wanted.

So now I have this:

Still needs some tweaking (like centering the text badge, duh), but I'm more or less happy with the base colors, etc. And yeah, I need to figure out where to put the author's name.  Looks like the bottom will do.

One of the fun parts of creating is like, in writing, when you intend to do one thing, but go off on a tangent for some reason. In this case I'd intended to use Brilon 1.1 as my font, but Briliants was above it, and when I clicked on that instead, I got a different look. I like the new font choice better. (And I've already used Brilon on a cover anyway.)
Tags: cover art, covers
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